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Our Taxidermy business is located 5 minutes South of Columbus Ohio, and 15 minutes North of Circleville.

You did it! you have taken that Trophy of a lifetime, the one you`ve been dreaming about all this time. A fine example for the Trophy room. So who will you decide to take your personal Trophy too? Look around there are many Taxidermists to choose from.... Price? Quality? Waiting period? What are your considerations? If the cost is the greatest factor, simply find the Taxidermist with the lowest price. But do you want more? You have put alot in to  acheiving that goal, time, effort, and money, you`ve been awarded for all your hard work. Do you want  Quality, Honesty, Better than average turnaround time, peace of mind? Bring that Trophy to Animal Art Studio Taxidermy a name you can trust, we offer all this and more. Bring your trophy to us and after a short wait take your trophy back home, and "The Dream is Complete"
We do not specialize in only one Game species, We specialize in them all! Here  is a list of species of some of the many Taxidermy mounts we create:
Gamehead Taxidermy, Lifesize Taxidermy
Blacktail Deer Couse Deer Muledeer White tailed Deer Taxidermy Black Bear Brown Bear Grizzly Bear Taxidermy Alligator Taxidermy Pronghorn Antelope Taxidermy Elk Taxidermy, Buffalo Bison Taxidermy Bobcat Taxidermy Caribou Taxidermy Cougar mountain lion Taxidermy Coyote Taxidermy Elk Taxidermy Gray Red Artic Fox Taxidermy Javelina Taxidermy Lynx Taxidermy Mink Taxidermy Moose Taxidermy Mountain Goat Taxidermy Otter Taxidermy Bighorn sheep stone sheep Dall sheep Desert sheep Taxidermy Yep! Skunk Taxidermy Squirrel Taxidermy Reptile snake lizard Taxidermy Raccoon Taxidermy Wolf Taxidermy Weasel Taxidermy.
 Exotic Taxidermy Exotics are usually enclosed but can be free ranging these include: Fallow axis Deer Taxidermy Blackbuck Taxidermy Aoudad or Barbary sheep Corsican sheep Mouflon Sheep Taxidermy Texas Dall Sheep Painted Desert Taxidermy Sheep. Ibex taxidermy Nilgia Taxidermy All african Taxidermy species. All Europian Taxidermy. All Asian Taxidermy.
 Largemouth Bass Smallmouth Bass Taxidermy Northern pike Taxidermy, Musky Taxiderrmy Crappie Taxidermy, Bluegill Taxidermy Walleye  Taxidermy Saugeye Taxidermy Hybrid stripped Bass Taxidermy. Rainbow Cutthrout Brown Brook Trout Taxidermy. Salmon King Silver Coho Steelhead Chinnok Salmon Taxidermy. Gamebird Taxidermy These species include Ducks, Mallard Duck Taxidermy Pintail Duck Bufflehead Taxidermy Black duck Canvasback Duck Taxidermy Redhead Duck Wood Duck Taxidermy.
Goose Taxidermy, Canadian Goose Taxidermy Snow Goose Taxidermy Blue goose Ross`s Goose Cackler goose Taxidermy.
Gamebird Taxidermy, Pheasant Taxidermy Grouse Blue Ruffed Sharptail Sage Grouse Taxidermy Prairie Chicken Taxidermy they are a specie of Grouse. Quail Taxidermy Bobwhite Scaled Califonria Valley Gambles Mearns Quail Taxidermy. Turkey Taxidermy, Eastern Turkey Merriams Turkey Osceola Turkey Rio Turkey Goulds Turkey Taxidermy. Even by the counrty North American Taxidermy, African Taxidermy, Asian Taxidermy, South Pacific Taxidermy. Whatever your Taxidermy Needs As you can see we can do it. Animal Art Studio Taxidermy - "The Dream is Complete"

For some of the best in Ohio taxidermy check out www.animalartstudiotaxidermy.com
We have customers who make a 2 hour drive to bring the trophys to us for mounting, cities within a twohour drive of animal art studios include the following.
columbus ohio taxidermy  lockbourne ohio taxidermy  ashville ohio taxidermy  circleville ohio taxidermy    worthington  ohio taxidermy   upper arlington ohio taxidermy   dublin ohio taxidermy    hilliard ohio taxidermy    gahanna ohio taxidermy    bexley ohio taxidermy   whitehall  ohio taxidermy  grovecity ohio taxidermy   blacklick ohio taxidermy   urbana  ohio taxidermy  groveport ohio taxidermy   canal winchester ohio taxidermy   reynoldsburg ohio taxidermy   new albany ohio taxidermy   pickerington ohio taxidermy  carrol ohio taxidermy   lithopolis ohio taxidermy   new rome ohio taxidermy   plain city ohio taxidermy   commercial point ohio taxidermy   orient ohio taxidermy   london ohio taxidermy   springfield ohio taxidermy   dayton ohio taxidermy   xenia ohio taxidermy   beavercreek ohio taxidermy   washington court house ohio taxidermy   wilmington ohio taxidermy    greenfield ohio taxidermy   hillsboro ohio taxidermy   chillicothe ohio taxidermy   jackson ohio taxidermy   wellston ohio taxidermy   athens ohio taxidermy   logan ohio taxidermy   lancaster ohio taxidermy   new lexington ohio taxidermy   zanesville ohio taxidermy   newark ohio taxidermy  sidney  ohio taxidermy  lima  ohio taxidermy  findley ohio taxidermy   kenton ohio taxidermy   bellefontaine ohio taxidermy   troy  ohio taxidermy  pigua ohio taxidermy   marysville ohio taxidermy   delaware  ohio taxidermy  marion ohio taxidermy   upper sandusky ohio taxidermy   bucyrus ohio taxidermy   galion ohio taxidermy    mansfield ohio taxidermy   mount vernon  ohio taxidermy  ashland  ohio taxidermy  wooster ohio taxidermy   coshocton ohio taxidermy   shelby ohio taxidermy  


 "For the finest in Ohio Taxidermy"
Wildlife Studio
"The Dream is Complete"
697 E. London Groveport Rd.
Lockbourne, Ohio

(614) 497-3972
Wildlife Artist - Brian Drake

Deer • Elk • Antelope • Bear • Moose • Sheep • Exotics • Coyote • Fox • Turkey • Pheasant • Grouse • Duck s • Canadian Goose • Snow Geese • Bass • Walleye • Trout • Salmon
African Asian North American Taxidermy